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Wahhhh, I'm sorry I've just kind of... done nothing with this group since I started it... I really need to get my things together to really get this group going. ouo
As a diehard FrUK fan, I must show my respect to it by making this group awesome! So, if anyone has some suggestions of what they'd like to see in the group, please comment~ ^^

Your admin,
Emi-chan :heart:

P.S. I'm working on the icon.... I've held that off for way too long.... =w=;
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Hello all!
The mission of this group is to help raise the popularity of FrUK (aka FrancexEngland) from the wonderful anime/manga/webcomic, Hetalia!

This group will not be tolerant of rude bashing, whether it be bashing of FrUK, or any other Hetalia couple. I am aware that there is much tension among USUK and FrUK fans, but hey, we're all Hetalia lovers here! No need for a fight~ as I always say, we have to spread the FrUKing love!

Although, while bashing is not allowed, you are allowed to show your dislike for another couple as long as you do not straight out insult it.

For example, you can submit a picture of France and England together, with a lonely little America hugging a mochi version of himself or a hamburger in the background...

Yeah, that's a fail example, but hopefully you get my point...

So yeah~ feel free to join!

:iconukplz::iconsaysplz: Join, you bloody git!
:iconfrancisplz::iconsaysplz: Oui, you won't regret it~
:iconukplz::iconsaysplz: For once I agree with you, frog...








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Gadget-Cat Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, just wanted to know, is this group still alive?
TsukiNaito Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I like this better than an anti group. Yelling can't fix stupid. USUK fans just need a little history education. So at least the they can say more intelligent things than "Alfred and Iggy! Squeeeeeeeeee!" Please! It makes my head hurt!
AskBonnefoi Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heyyy accidentally submitted USUK...sorry! Clicked the wrong deviation.
SilverCamelia9 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Is this group been active lately??
FenderInStyle Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2012
I noticed that this group doesn't have an icon. Would you like me to create one?
Nekorii Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2012
Why hasn't the group an icon yet? D: That would be cool! :icondatarseplz:
GentlemanCrow Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I approve of this group most heartily <3 Vive la Révolution!
WinterTimeKisses Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2011
Dang, Sorry guys. I just submitted the wrong oneshot. I selected my PruCan oneshot instead of my FrUK one-shot. SORRY! Can you delete it for me =)
crystalice96 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2011
Oh, okey dokes~! And it's okay~ we all make mistakes. owo *goes to delete it*
WinterTimeKisses Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2011
Thank you = )
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